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We are a news magazine focusing on the sports, fashion and entertainment industries. Our magazine publishes the latest news about these industries so that the readers can be updated with the latest trends and innovations.

If you have a business in these sectors, then here is your opportunity to advertise your product or service on this platform.

Our magazine is very popular because we try to get the latest news to ourreaders, and we have earned a good reputation for providing authentic news. Our readers trust us, so if you advertise your brand here, your brand image will improve as well.

We understand that different clients have different needs; that’s why we have several advertising options for our clients. Our advertising rates are affordable, so it will fit your limited advertising budget. Here are some options we have:


Reviews generate a lot of leads and customers because people trust the reviews from authentic sources. We have already established ourselves to be one of the best sources to get the latest news about the sports, fashion and entertainment industries. So, people will trust our review.

We will write about the benefits of your products and services and try to match those with the customers’ needs so that they can decide whether the product or service will be of any help to them. We will highlight the best features of your brand and tell the readers how you are different from the others in the market.

Banner ads

We can create attractive banner ads containing a nice image, animation, and message. The message must compel the readers to click on your ad. Once they do that they will be redirected to your website and will be able to learn more about it.


We arrange different contests throughout the month where lots of readers participate. You can sponsor those contests and strengthen your brand image. You will be able to get good exposure by sponsoring different events.

Our advertising rates vary depending on the duration of your ad and the type of ad. You can contact us to get a free quote.