5 Useful News and Entertainment Apps You Can Download


You will find apps for almost everything. These small programs are easy to download on mobile and helps you with specific topics. There are lots of news and entertainment apps that can help you to read the current news every day and do something fun during free time. Here are some useful news and entertainment apps you can download.

New York Times

It is one of the most popular newspapers and the app is equally popular. Here you get news alerts, so you can stay up to date with the latest news around the world in real-time. You can share the news on social media as well. It has an augmented reality feature.

You can meet athletes face to face or look inside someone’s closet. This app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android mobile phones.

Financial Times

This newspaper provides information on business and financial news. You will get instant notifications of breaking news. You will know about the latest news about the business world which will help you run your business and take important decisions.


You can watch a movie or TV series using this app. It provides smooth streaming of TV series and the latest movies. It has an ad-free premium version as well for a better experience.


This is a music app and helps to listen to any song you want. If you can’t remember the title of the song or the name of the singer, you can just hum, and the app will play the song. You can get the lyrics of the song too. If the DJ is playing music that you cannot recognize, the app will help to find the song for you.

Royal Vegas Casino App

It is a popular app in sports betting and online casinos. You will get the top slot games here and live casino tables as well. You can download the Vegas Royal Casino App on your Android phone.

These apps can be very handy in keeping you entertained and updated with the latest news in the world. You should download these on your mobile today!

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