Top 6 Movies of Last Year


The year 2019 was quite successful for movie makers. We have seen a lot of good movies being produced. If you are a movie fan, then you must know about the top-rated movies of last year. Here are the top movies of last year that you should watch.


This movie made history. It has become the first foreign movie to win the Oscar for ‘Best Picture’. This movie is about a poor guy Kim and his family who con a rich family. The movie has comedy, suspense, and action. It has received very good reviews from critics as well.

Top 6 Movies of Last Year watching movie - Top 6 Movies of Last Year


This movie is about war and you will love the suspense and action of the film. The story is gripping, and you will wait eagerly for the story to unfold. Here, two soldiers are asked to race against time to send a message to stop hundreds of people from going into a deadly trap.


In this movie, two exotic single mothers try to woo Wall Streeters and get their money. It is a comedy and you will have a great time watching it. The plot is set after the 2008 market crash.

Marriage Story

It’s about a married couple who are in love, but slowly their relationshipdeteriorates, and they are about to get separated. The movie is about love and relationships.


The story is about how society changes a person. It’s about how a person who was funny and loving, suddenly changes his personality due to social mistreat. He enters the world of crime.

Avengers: End Game

In this sequel of the Avengers franchise, the superheroes again come together to restore the peace in the universe by destroying Thanos’ plans. This movie, like the other sequels, is full of action and you will enjoy watching it.

All these movies have received good reviews from critics and movie lovers alike. You will have a great time watching these movies.