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Sunday 20 April, 2014

Interview: new fashion label from Irish graffiti artist Maser

26 Apr 2013 at 4:49 pm

Irish street artist Maser is known around the world for his talented graffiti art with acclaimed murals in Cincinati and Arkansas along with his pieces that are now part of the Dublin landscape – who doesn’t recognise his various murals outside the Bernard Shaw?

Famed among the Dublin circuit for his signature slogan “Maser Loves You”, we caught up with him to find out what he has been working on lately- his new fashion label with Leah Burke titled “Homebird” and why he thinks it’s important for us all to stick to our roots and what we know best, being Irish.

You are renowned for your graffiti art but what made you want to make the transition into fashion through fashion label ‘Homebird’ with your friend Leah Burke?
It’s not so much a transition but an extension of what I do. I still paint everyday, walls, canvas, design prints. Homebird is another element, it’s great to see people wearing the design thats a homage to where they are from, who they are.

How important is it to have an Irish aspect in your work?
I’m from Ireland, I know no other way. It’s what the viewer takes from the work, if they see it as ‘Irish’ thats the Irish within them. Most of my work is a open message, like ‘U Are Alive’ or ‘Live & Love’. People take what they want from it. I want people to have ownership to it, I paint it to share.

Where did the concepts come from for the slogans and phrases?
My good friend Leah Burke and I had been mulling over the idea for quite a while. It grew organically, we have a great friendship, family and appreciation for where we are from. As I mentioned with my work, I want people to claim ownership. Homebird isn’t just ‘Dublin’, it’s ‘Dublin’ for us because we’re from here. Everybody is a Homebird no matter where they are from if they share our belief.

How important is social media as a medium to get your designs out there to an international audience?
If people share the belief, the message will spread. We love what we do, I think people can see that.

Do you have any known famous fans yet?
Famous? My buddy Ryan Skelton is probably the most famous fella I know, I can’t walk two steps down the road in town with him without out someone saying, ‘Alrigh’ Skelly?’

What do you think is missing in the Irish fashion industry at the moment?
More rain jackets. Looks like we are going to have another belter of a summer!

How would you some up your own personal style? Who is your icon and which decade do you admire?
I love the 60′s, mainly for the art and lifestyle that it embodies. Leah and I love early 90′s too, its very influential in the Homebird label. My style is dictated by what apparel doesn’t have paint on it.

What’s next for the fashion line Homebird? Personally, I’d love to see a graffiti inspired bikini line for summer?
We are releasing the next range early June, stronger colours, bolder prints but still just as much love. We will keep you up to date on the Homebird facebook page

You’ve been credited for inspiring positivity around Dublin and Ireland through your work. Would you ever see yourself leaving Ireland to further your career since your such a ‘Homebird’?
If I was to leave Ireland, I’d be bringing it with me through my work. I’ve just returned from Cincinatti for the last month, where I had a show and paint a large mural, Dublin will always be my home no matter where I am in the world.

Check out Maser’s work on.

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